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The OOC Shiftplanner! web application and the accompanying OOC Shift! android and iOS application offer solutions to problems that I encountered during 10 years spent in commerce and shift work.

As a person responsible for writing the schedules I noticed that the processes preceding and following the writing of the schedule take a lot of time due to the long and complicated communication routes. These processes take time away from work thus degrading efficiency.

Before writing the schedules taking the day offs and holidays into account and assessing them represent the most time consuming processes. Afterwards the communicating of the schedule and its changes present a time loss.

The OOC application offers a cheap, efficient and simple solution to save the wasted work time with the use of smart-technology.

Through the OOC Shift! application the employees can efficiently communicate their day off and holiday requests towards the person in charge, which appear in the system instantly thus making their assessment easier. This way it is not necessary for these to be coordinated every single time on paper. A further advantage is that the built in alarm function helps reduce late arrivals to the workplace and problems stemming from them.

With the help of OOC Shiftplanner! web application the person in charge can plan the work time of employees fast and simple of which the employee is notified immediately through the OOC Shift! application. So the employees don't have to write down or photo the schedule anymore. The system also provides the means to print the schedule combined with an attendance sheet which allows for more time and cost saving.

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