About us

The Bifox Pt. started its operation as a family enterprise founded in 1997 aligned mainly at the field of information technology, and within that software development and geoinformatics. Thanks to the stability and profitable operation the field of business activities of the enterprise expanded with numerous pursuits in which the professional knowledge, preparedness and the many years of experience of the employees and the management of the company guarantees the high level quality of service.

The Bifox Pt. has a field of service that is able to satisfy the demands of special areas. Such services are the creation of concepts, strategies, regulations, system plans and studies. As an emphasized profile beside the above the partnership is engaged in the analysis and valuations of public administration, environmental protection and organization improvement tasks, and professional consulting in these areas. The writing of tenders and the related counseling and management services are among the base activities of the Bifox PT. The management armed with numerous years of experience in public administration can offer efficient and effective help in this area as well, for the benefit of municipalities and private companies alike.

The enterprise extended its activity to adult education as well in the past years. The necessary technical and human resource background for this activity is readily available. We undertake the realization of off-site theoretical training, with providing the necessary mobile equipment. The partnership considers advancement perspective in the gap filling high quality service of clients demanding special education and training, especially in the special adult education forms, such as post-training, education of people living with disabilities, driving dysfunctions and other psychological problem, etc.

Nothing proves the successful and efficient operation of Bifox Pt. better than our numerous references among which clients working in the field of public administration and private business alike can be found. Among our most significant references of which we are very proud of is the Borsod - Abaúj - Zemplén County Municipality county information technology concept and the making of a realization study. The last one was made in support of the Norwegian Foundation. From among the organization improvement studies and related tenders the professional documentations made for the Abaújszántó Town Municipality, Aggtelek Village Municipality and Dédestapolcsány Village Municipality are worth mentioning. In the private sector we made numerous successful tenders and studies for Corvus Ltd. and we booked the geoinformatics study processed for Comtrans Ltd. a notable success. Beside the above the Bifox Pt. took part in informatics surveys, geoinformatics analyses and studies and the creation of the design plan of a tender processing system.